5 Tips To Enter Sweepstakes Online

To enter sweepstakes requires no skill or purchase of any kind, and there are always winners. All you have to do is, read the rules before you start to find out if you meet the residency and age requirements, and then make sure your state laws allow your participation. Here are some tips to get you started to have some fun and win prizes.

1. Online sweepstakes are free. There are thousands of sweepstakes listed online that cost nothing to enter as long as you have a computer, internet access, and an email address. There is no postage involved or phonebills or visits to the store or postcards and envelopes. How much better can it get?

2.Get a free email address. This will keep your regular inbox free from the extra mail you will get from entering sweepstakes online, and most likely you will not overlook the notification of a price. Free email accounts are very easy to get from yahoo and google.

3.Categorize your sweepstakes. I use a separate 3×5 card for:






unlimited sweepstakes.

4.Check the rules again. I find out about age limits, how often I can enter, the ending date of the sweepstake and some specifics about the sweepstake, and then I list the items on my category cards to save time with inputting the data. Here is an example on a daily 3×5 card.

www.apcsweeps.com 18 yrs old – 10/31/2007 – The postoffice awards prizes daily

5.Enter sweepstakes regularly. Put a set amount of time aside each day or week or month to sweep and be a sweeper. This is the name given to sweepstakes hobbyists. Remember: A WINNER NEVER QUITS AND A QUITTER NEVER WINS.


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6 Responses to “5 Tips To Enter Sweepstakes Online”

  1. MDB Says:

    Do “sweepers” seriously exist? Seems like an interesting idea to me, but a lot of effort.

  2. JoLynn Braley Says:

    Hi Monika,

    Good entry for the group writing project! I saw a special on TV about a woman who was a professional “sweeper” (and multiple winner!), in fact I think she is doing it full time now. 🙂

  3. Barbara Says:

    This is the most hilarious contest I’ve ever seen: http://authorschannel.com/meettheauthorsweepstakes.htm

    Besides the great Grand Prize — trip for 2 to CA — the site is highly entertaining to click around. in.

  4. ourwinningcircle Says:

    Sweepers definitely exist! And we win!! 🙂

    I can’t tell you how much we all have won. Go ahead and give it a try. The best thing that you can do is enter contests that are local to your area. Check out your local area radio stations click on your state for a listing of all radio stations in your area.


    Then, sign up with each radio stations exclusive listeners club. When you win let me know!!

    Good Luck,


  5. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  6. sweepstaking fan Says:

    I like to enter my sweepstakes at http://www.sweepsplay.com I have used other directories but it seems that everytime I did, my inbox got flooded with people from Nigeria wanting to give me money. It has been over a year so far and none yet with sweepsplay.

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